“Kathy is exquisite! She is kind and sweet, gifted in her profession and has the passion and enthusiasm to keep you healthy and motivated! Her expertise is clearly exemplified through the detailed one-on- one training she offers, even in a group setting. She makes you feel comfortable and capable, encouraging you every step of the way. Pilates is great for your mind and body, and Kathy does a phenomenal job making it accessible and fun, meeting you at your level and then guiding you as you grow. Plus, the space is warm and welcoming, with new, state-of-the-art equipment. Kathy’s the best and I love Elevation Pilates!”

Millie G.

You Kathy Porcell have changed my life!! Grateful to have you as my teacher and friend! I know I have told you before but Pilates only keeps getting better for me!! Adding Debbie Ann and Ann Monger only add to your phenomenal team!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! I can only hope that more people will have their lives changed by Elevation Pilates!! ABSOLUTELY THE BEST WORKOUT EVER!! MIND, BODY, SOUL AND LIFE!!!”

Sue J.

Elevation Pilates is a place where you can laugh as you become stronger, among friends with a fabulous guide! I truly breathe and feel content with my life, body, and self each time I leave.

Sarah W.

Elevation pilates has changed my life. About two years ago my back pain was so bad I could hardly move some days. I had tried everything – physical therapy, massage, chiropractor – but nothing worked. I was ready to try injections when a friend suggested Pilates. So I figured, what do I have to lose. One of the best decisions I have ever made. My back feels so much better, I feel stronger than ever, and I’ve had the motivation and endurance for new things. I’m now more than halfway through climbing the 46 Adirondack High Peaks, something I couldn’t have even imagined before Pilates with Kathy Porcell. Don’t give up on yourself. Give Pilates a try. It’s so worth it.

Lynn S.

The BEST work out!! I can’t wait to get to class and hate when it’s over!! Kathy Porcell is an amazing teacher!!! I have made great friends and ALWAYS leave smiling and laughing!! LOVE LOVE LOVE ELEVATIONS!! My life changed for so many good reasons!!

Sue J.

Kathy has changed my life.  Two years ago I realized I had kind of stopped trying. I just couldn’t find a health routine that I enjoyed and worked for me. I’m healthier, longer, leaner, happier and very grateful. Thank you Kathy and Elevation Pilates.

Laura R.

I have had 2 total hip replacements with in the last 5 months. I spent 6 weeks at physical therapy for my first and didn’t truly feel like I was healing and making progress until I met Kathy. She has taken unbelievably good care of me, and my new joints. This time I started Pilates 2 weeks after my THR and feel that not only because she helped me be stronger going into surgery but because of the different moves my strength and range of motion increases dramatically daily, even my physical therapist notices this time. Highly recommend these classes to anyone who wants to be strong, fit and agile. Amazing feeling! Thank you Kathy! You know how much I appreciate you!!

Jennifer W.